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Most of us stress about getting in our workouts each week. It’s important for sure, but there’s something else I’d rather you be focusing on. Something super basic.

Like basic, basic. Basic movement. As in moving your body each day. And not even in the exercise sense.

Ever hear of “NEAT”?

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It sounds super science-y, but it’s basically ALL of our daily movement other than “structured” exercise. Cleaning the house, walking the dogs, walking from the parking lot into work, gardening, even fidgeting is considered NEAT.

Why is NEAT important? Because this basic, everyday movement contributes to a much larger % of our energy expenditure (calorie burn) throughout the day than structured exercise. This is a huge benefit to our metabolisms. In other words, killing yourself for 20-30 minutes at Cross Fit (or any super intense HIIT workout), then sitting all day, isn’t as effective as moving more throughout day, even if the day doesn’t include a “workout”.

It’s this everyday movement that will contribute to a faster metabolism as well as a host of other physical (and mental) benefits.

Sadly, over time we’ve become a society that sits way more than moves. At work and school. Long daily commutes. Drive through banks and pharmacies. The ease of online shopping. Even our groceries can be brought to us. There’s hardly any reason at all to move!

Although, here’s what we have to show for all this sitting. Weaker muscles and bones. Stiff and achey joints. Low back pain. Poor sleep, energy, and focus. And an increase in anxiety and depression.

Our bodies were meant to move!

Movement, and not just in terms of “exercise” can lower our blood pressure, regulate our blood sugar (absolutely key in preventing aging), lower our resting heart rate,

improve our immune and cardiorespiratory function, increase our flexibility, lead to higher quality of sleep…and so much more.

So while I do want you working out in the traditional sense, over the next few weeks, shift your focus instead on increasing your daily movement. Not necessarily hitting it hard in the gym 2x a week and calling it good!

Stuck behind a desk all day for work? Here’s some ideas for you:

• Switch to a standing/treadmill desk.
• Plan walking meetings.
• Take a walk at lunch time.
• Find 5-10 minutes throughout your day to climb some stairs in your office. • Use the restroom that’s further from your desk.

• Move your garbage can further from your desk!

Other ideas? Do your own grocery shopping, yard/garden work, and house cleaning. Stretch while watching tv. Cook more! Establish a morning and/or evening routine that involves movement. This will not only get your body moving more, but will help set the tone for your day…and help you sleep better at night.

Happy Moving,

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